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August 2012


Luke, 2 years old boy 26 Aug. 2012

10 Feb. 2013 On our walk, we met Luke at Higashiyama Waterside. We found his birthday was 24 June and it’s very close to Kojiro’s birthday (18 June).


Leo, boy 19 Aug. 2012

30 Mar. 2013 We met Leo at Futatubashi South Park again. 7 Apr. 2013 We met Leo at Futatubashi South Park again !


May, 17 years old lady and Nyanta. 19 Aug. 2012

May is 17 years old and she almost can’t see and can’t hear anything. Though her hind legs are physically disabled, she lives with all her energy. Nyanta used to be a stray cat, but he became attached to May’s house somehow and he lives in peace with May. He came up and rubbed itself against my legs. Thanks!