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August 24, 2013


Near Higashiyama Waterside. 24 Aug. 2013

This is Riku, He is so friendly. Sorry, he is also so vigorous and spanking that I can’t take good shot. This is Takumi, 5 year-old guy. He is very gentle. This is Aoi, 2 year-old boy. He is also so vigorous and spanking, but with his guardian’s help I could take a good shot.


At Futatsubashi South Park. 24 Aug. 2013

This is Hana. She likes human very much. We met her on our way to Higashiyama Waterside. This is Leon. He is so gentle. We met him on our way to home. So it’s becoming dark.


At Futatsubashi Park, 24 Aug. 2013.

This is Mocha. When I brought the camera close to him, I was scolded by him like Grr. This is Chocolat. After takeing these photos, he and Kojiro took a walk together to near Higashiyama Warterside side by side on good terms.