At Futatsubashi South Park and Sekigahara Waterside. 19 Oct. 2013

At Futatsubashi South Park
This is Mocha. Although he eats a snack from my hand, I cannot touch him yet because he doesn’t like human.

This is Haque. We met him after a long time. He is very friendly.

This is Goten, 5 year old guy. This is first appearance for him. Although he isn’t natural with human, he seems to like dogs. Kojiro urged him to play with from himself unusually, but Goten came out staggeringly. It’s good to get used on good terms!

At Sekigahara Waterside
This is Suchang. She seems that she has already done the full walk today.

This is Kurumi. She is still young and lively. She is friendly to both human and dogs.

This is Luke. He is friendly to human, but he seems not to be good at playing with other dogs. BTW, he is very huggy and cute!

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