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December 28, 2013


At Higashiyama Waterside and Futatsubashi Park. 28 Dec. 2013

At Higashiyama Waterside He is Kojiro who tries to smell Sakura’s hips. Sakura’s brrr… and Kojiro is gazing at it. These are source photos of Sakura’s brrr….. The flip-photos were made of these photos. This is also Sakura’s flip-photos. This is one of the photos. Because she usually moves about freely, this is very precious looking-into-the-camera photo. Sakura’s flip-photos again. This is Hokky and she closed her eyes by chance. So cute, right? Yume is full energy today too! This is Yume’s flip-photos. Another photo and flip-photos of Yume. At Futatsubashi Park This is Mocha. His flip-photos are like this.