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From Higashiyama Waterside to Futatsubashi Park. 7 Dec. 2013

At Higashiyama Waterside This is Angie. She took a walk with her guardians like dad and mam. At Futatsubashi Park This is Chocolat. I bought oranges while out for a walk and I gave some sections of an orange. He ate them with keen relish. This is Mocha. When I tried to give a section of an orange, he growled me. This is Genki. When I played with him, he wore the face which seems to be very glad.


At Futatsubashi Park, 27 Oct. 2013.

This is Mocha. He is comfortable in his guardian’s arm! This is Genki. He is very friendly and huggy as usual. This is Chocolat. Thanks, Chocolat, for going for a walk with my Kojiro! Marsh, 12 year old lady and this is first appearance for her. Though she was cautious about us at first, we got chummy with her within no time. This is Buju, 12 year old lady and this is first appearance for her too. She lives with Marsh. So, these are their nice two-shots! Today’s last turn is Berry, 2 year old girl. This is first appearance for her. Because she is so young and darts here …


At Futatsubashi Park, 1 Sep. 2013.

This is Mocha. Again, he ate some cookies from my hand. This is Chocolat. He became to lick my nose. Kojiro has already become friendly. Genki says “Come here! Come here!” whiningly as usual to me. Kojiro likes Mocha, Chocolat and Genki’s guardians because they usually give some tasty things.


At Futatsubashi Park, 24 Aug. 2013.

This is Mocha. When I brought the camera close to him, I was scolded by him like Grr. This is Chocolat. After takeing these photos, he and Kojiro took a walk together to near Higashiyama Warterside side by side on good terms.


At Futatsubashi Park, 18 Aug. 2013.

Chocolat became so friendly to both me and Kojiro. Mocha dislikes human and dogs. Because if we come near to Mocha, he tries to bite us, still we haven’t made good friends yet unfortunately. Genki says “Come here! Come here!” whiningly as usual to me. But, as to Kojiro, Genki gets his forefoot to Kojiro and he becomes angry with Genki, like Grr. And then, Genki comes off as gentle.