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Near Miyazawa Fureai Waterside. 1 Sep. 2013

This is Leon, Sorry, I couldn’t take good shots again. Irorhi (Left side) and Kotatsu (Right side). Sorry, but because it’s becoming dark, I couldn’t take good shots. Kojiro becomes friendly than before with Kotatsu.


Near Higashiyama Waterside. 25 Aug. 2013

This is Angie. After this, After takeing these photos, she and Kojiro took a walk together side by side on good terms. This is Kotatsu. He is very gentle. He is lucky, because his guardian takes him and Irorhi to various play spaces. This is Irorhi. He seems to be afraid of stranger(human), but for dogs he seems to be a little bit more friendly.


At Higashiyama Waterside. 28 Jul. 2013

Saku, again! He is taken for a walk by 80 year old grandpa with gently smile. Kotatsu (right side) and Irorhi (left side). Irorhi seems to have a little bit of trouble with human. “Konatsu embarrasses me by not walking smoothly today.” said her owner. Though Konatsu does things at her own pace, she licked me a lot today too. Thanks, Konatsu! Energy is full of Sakura today too! She likes both dogs and human very much!


At Miyazawa Fureai Waterside. 7 Jul. 2013

Are you comfortable, Love, with your air conditioning wear? Kotatsu (Left side) and Irorhi (Right side) are well-mannered! Al, 4 years old guy. Nice to meet you! Make friends!