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July 20, 2013


At Sekigahara Waterside. 20 Jul. 2013

Holmes, 6 year old boy. Azuki invited him saying “Join me!” and he answered “Yeah! Yeah!”. Konatsu. Sorry for this fated photo. Taiga. He is one of Kojiro’s favorite dogs. Pokey, 11 monghts old boy. Kojiro likes him too. Unfortunately, Suchang got the tumor and had it taken by operation. So, she is this appearance now. She also likes human! Luekue seemed to be so tired! Azuki was her own pace! But she still hated the camera! Burst shots of Kanbee. Rich expression! When I stroke the neighborhood of Kanbee’s head, he always becomes glad groaning with grr grr! So, it amazed me at first. Luke is a long time! …


At Higashiyama Waterside. 20 Jul. 2013

Today, we found incredible facts. Lucky’s birthday is June 15th, his owner’s birthday is June 14th, my birthday is June 13th and Kojiro’s birthday is June 18th!! Cool, Lucky! Kintaro also dislike the camera. Atom seems to have hot heat!


At Miyazawa Fureai Waterside. 20 Jul. 2013

Yume likes human very much and she ran in to press herself against me! Thanks, Yume!! Konatsu licked me a lot today also! Monaka, 2 year old girl. This is her first appearance! She is faint-hearted, but she likes human!