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At Futatsubashi South Park and Higashiyama Waterside. 21 Dec. 2013

At Futatsubashi South Park This is Nyanta. We met him after a long time. He was basking in the sun on the wall. He was woken up by us and seemed to be slightly ill-humored. At Higashiyama Waterside This is Joy. She was peaceful today. This is Sophy, 3 years old girl. This is first appearance for her. She absolutely likes human! She leap against me and urge me to stroke her. This is Silber, 3 years old girl. This is first appearance for her too. She also likes human. This is Lam, 7 years old lady. This is first appearance for her too. She seems to be worried about the …


At Futatsubashi South Park. 14 Jul. 2013

Because it is too hot these days, we usually go for a walk from 5PM. However, because we have to wait until rain stopped today, we went for a walk from 6PM. We met Genki at Futatsubashi Park and Nyanta (Cat) at Futatsubashi South Park. Though Nyanta looks like these, he always come to me and rub himself against my leg as well as today. He looked so happy when I caressed his head and throat. Kojiro almost got “cat punch” from Nyanta, and was drawing back at remarkable speed.


I have to tell you sad news today. 25 May 2013.

Today, I heard May past away on this 15th January. I heard She had become bedridden for three days and at last she ended 17 year’s her life. Today, I was able to meet May’s family and Nyanta, a cat who was a chummy with May and her family told that. I asked Nyanta please live a long time instead of May and Nyanta said meow, he meant I had got it, maybe. I couldn’t stop help tearing at that time. Alittle while ago, I asked Kojiro holding that please mature his life slowly.


May, 17 years old lady and Nyanta. 19 Aug. 2012

May is 17 years old and she almost can’t see and can’t hear anything. Though her hind legs are physically disabled, she lives with all her energy. Nyanta used to be a stray cat, but he became attached to May’s house somehow and he lives in peace with May. He came up and rubbed itself against my legs. Thanks!