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From Futatsubashi Park to Higashiyama Waterside. 18 Jan. 2014

This time, almost all photos were taken by my app “Fine Camera” for iPhone by using continuous shooting function and flip animations were also made by using “Fine Camera”. If you want to look at the animation, in the case of Windows, it would be better to move a mouse on the photo and click right button, then select “Open a new Window”. In the case of Mac, it would be better to move a mouse on the photo and click the photo with pushing control button, then select “Open a new Window”. Try and enjoy them! At Futatsubashi Park Long time no see, Ein. This is a flip animation of …


From Higashiyama Waterside to Futatsubashi Park. 7 Dec. 2013

At Higashiyama Waterside This is Angie. She took a walk with her guardians like dad and mam. At Futatsubashi Park This is Chocolat. I bought oranges while out for a walk and I gave some sections of an orange. He ate them with keen relish. This is Mocha. When I tried to give a section of an orange, he growled me. This is Genki. When I played with him, he wore the face which seems to be very glad.


From Futatsubashi Park to Sekigahara Waterside. 9 Nov. 2013

At Futatsubashi Park This is Goten. Kojiro likes Goten very much and he urged him to play with from himself unusually again, but Goten came out staggeringly. At Higashiyama Waterside This is Kintaro. He doesn’t look at my camera. This is Suchang. She likes to play with a ball very much. This is Angie. She is very friendly and likes being stroked! This is Saku. His guardian and he take a walk friendly. At Sekigahara Waterside This is Atom. Unlike appearance, he barks in very lovely voice. This is Riku. He is smashing energy today! He is wagging the tail with remarkable rapidity. This is Bel, 6 month old boy. …


From Futatsubashi Park to Higashiyama Waterside. 3 Nov. 2013

At Futatsubashi Park These are Collot(Pomeranian) and Kojiro. Kojiro was able to play with Collot just for a moment. These are also Collot. I adjusted exposure to Collot’s black coat on these photos. At Futatsubashi South Park This is Mocha. He didn’t gnar us today. Good boy! This is Chip. You are as good as gold! At Higashiyama Waterside This is Tetsu. Although his guardian said he rarely wagged his tail, he wagged his tail at us. Unfortunately, he didn’t wear his “Tetsu’s apron” today. This is Angie. She gazed at a snack pinched by her guardian. I am glad as she is growing quickly, even if she is hearing …


Near Higashiyama Waterside. 25 Aug. 2013

This is Angie. After this, After takeing these photos, she and Kojiro took a walk together side by side on good terms. This is Kotatsu. He is very gentle. He is lucky, because his guardian takes him and Irorhi to various play spaces. This is Irorhi. He seems to be afraid of stranger(human), but for dogs he seems to be a little bit more friendly.


At Miyazawa Fureai Waterside. 11 Aug. 2013

Angie, she became 3 year old on last Aug. 1st. Her guardians said she was hard of hearing. They found her at a foster home system, they pondered whether they could receive her, and then, they became to live together. You must be happy, Angie! You have the good fortune to meet your guardians, your daddy and mam. Angie and Torajiro. Torajiro seems to be profoundly interesting to Angie! Hey Torajiro! Good Job!