From Futatsubashi Park to Sekigahara Waterside. 9 Nov. 2013

At Futatsubashi Park
This is Goten. Kojiro likes Goten very much and he urged him to play with from himself unusually again, but Goten came out staggeringly.

At Higashiyama Waterside
This is Kintaro. He doesn’t look at my camera.

This is Suchang. She likes to play with a ball very much.

This is Angie. She is very friendly and likes being stroked!

This is Saku. His guardian and he take a walk friendly.

At Sekigahara Waterside
This is Atom. Unlike appearance, he barks in very lovely voice.

This is Riku. He is smashing energy today! He is wagging the tail with remarkable rapidity.

This is Bel, 6 month old boy. When I held him, he became quiet perfectly.

This is Marle. She is the beauty of a small face. But she may bark at a big dog.

At Futatsubashi Waterside
This is Konatsu. They go for a walk from such time today.

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