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Hooky again, 13 Apr. 2013

I took these photos at Sekigahara Waterside on 30 Mar. 2013.. I heard Hooky was born in Fukushima prefecture and that is the reason why her name is Hooky. At first, she was called “Fuku” and it was changed from “Fuku” to “Hooky”. Hang in there, Higashi-nihon !! We met Hooky again at Sekigahara Waterside on 13 Apr. 2013. We met Hooky again at Higashiyama Waterside on 31 Mar 2013.


Group photos at Sekigahara Waterside 30 Mar 2013

Hooky, Marle and Koo, two and half years old boy, a toy poodle. Joy, Hooky and Palau. Hooky and Uluru, Schnauzer 1 years old girl. Hooky, Uluru and a hip of Koo. Marle and Koo. Marle and Koo, again. Hooky, Marle and Koo. Hooky, Marle and Koo., again. Hooky, Marle and Koo., again.