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From Futatsubashi Park to Higashiyama Waterside. 18 Jan. 2014

This time, almost all photos were taken by my app “Fine Camera” for iPhone by using continuous shooting function and flip animations were also made by using “Fine Camera”. If you want to look at the animation, in the case of Windows, it would be better to move a mouse on the photo and click right button, then select “Open a new Window”. In the case of Mac, it would be better to move a mouse on the photo and click the photo with pushing control button, then select “Open a new Window”. Try and enjoy them! At Futatsubashi Park Long time no see, Ein. This is a flip animation of …


At Higashiyama Waterside and Futatsubashi Park. 28 Dec. 2013

At Higashiyama Waterside He is Kojiro who tries to smell Sakura’s hips. Sakura’s brrr… and Kojiro is gazing at it. These are source photos of Sakura’s brrr….. The flip-photos were made of these photos. This is also Sakura’s flip-photos. This is one of the photos. Because she usually moves about freely, this is very precious looking-into-the-camera photo. Sakura’s flip-photos again. This is Hokky and she closed her eyes by chance. So cute, right? Yume is full energy today too! This is Yume’s flip-photos. Another photo and flip-photos of Yume. At Futatsubashi Park This is Mocha. His flip-photos are like this.


At Sekigahara Waterside. 12 Oct. 2013

This is Riku. He had me take photos gently today too. Wow, I closed my eyes inadvertently! Also for Riku, dog friends at Sekigahara waterside are friendly and kindly. This is Kanbee. Although he looks slightly scary, he is very friendly and a spoiled boy. It was a nice weather. This is Luke. It is Kojiro that is seen at a glance behind Luke. This is Bel, 5 month old girl. He lives together with Sam. Because she is still a baby, energy is full. Bel is urging playing to Hooky. This is Hooky, Has she settled down just for a moment? If I considers, she is playing well on …


At Futatsubashi South Park and Sekigahara Waterside. 29 Sep. 2013

At Futatsubashi South Park This is Chopper. His guardian told me the name “Chopper” came from a cartoon character of “ONE PEACE”. At Sekigahara Waterside This is Kurumi. Kojiro likes her very much. Kurumi and Hooky. Kurumi seems not to care for a big dog! This is Hooky. After this. She, Maui and Luke shoved each other playfully. They seemed so happy! This is Riku. He is very lively as usual, but I took these shots by chance. This is Maui. We met him after such a long time. This is Kintaro. He dislike shutter sound like pre-installed Camera app on iPhone. This is Luke. He lies on his back …


At Higashiyama Waterside. 6 Jul. 2013

Atom became 4 years old last month. Happy birthday, Atom! You are a 1 years-old difference exactly with Kojiro. It seems they want to play, but it’s too hot, so … It was so hot in the daytime that the Meteorological Agency announced the end of the rainy season on this evening. Hooky, 1 year and 3 month old?