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Near Miyazawa Fureai Waterside. 1 Sep. 2013

This is Leon, Sorry, I couldn’t take good shots again. Irorhi (Left side) and Kotatsu (Right side). Sorry, but because it’s becoming dark, I couldn’t take good shots. Kojiro becomes friendly than before with Kotatsu.


At Futatsubashi Park, 1 Sep. 2013.

This is Mocha. Again, he ate some cookies from my hand. This is Chocolat. He became to lick my nose. Kojiro has already become friendly. Genki says “Come here! Come here!” whiningly as usual to me. Kojiro likes Mocha, Chocolat and Genki’s guardians because they usually give some tasty things.


At Higashiyama Waterside. 25 Aug. 2013

This is Komughi. She banged up against me and licked my face a lot as usual. This is Tetsu. He is so friendly and good boy. This is Al. Main name was Alfred. He doesn’t want his photo taken.


Near Higashiyama Waterside. 25 Aug. 2013

This is Angie. After this, After takeing these photos, she and Kojiro took a walk together side by side on good terms. This is Kotatsu. He is very gentle. He is lucky, because his guardian takes him and Irorhi to various play spaces. This is Irorhi. He seems to be afraid of stranger(human), but for dogs he seems to be a little bit more friendly.