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Near Higashiyama Waterside. 24 Aug. 2013

This is Riku, He is so friendly. Sorry, he is also so vigorous and spanking that I can’t take good shot. This is Takumi, 5 year-old guy. He is very gentle. This is Aoi, 2 year-old boy. He is also so vigorous and spanking, but with his guardian’s help I could take a good shot.


At Futatsubashi South Park. 24 Aug. 2013

This is Hana. She likes human very much. We met her on our way to Higashiyama Waterside. This is Leon. He is so gentle. We met him on our way to home. So it’s becoming dark.


At Futatsubashi Park, 24 Aug. 2013.

This is Mocha. When I brought the camera close to him, I was scolded by him like Grr. This is Chocolat. After takeing these photos, he and Kojiro took a walk together to near Higashiyama Warterside side by side on good terms.


At Futatsubashi South Park. 18 Aug. 2013

Riku plays too vigorously, unfortunately I couldn’t take good shot of him. Riku jumps up and down in the grass! Leon is so gentle, but he likes ball playing very much.


At Futatsubashi Park, 18 Aug. 2013.

Chocolat became so friendly to both me and Kojiro. Mocha dislikes human and dogs. Because if we come near to Mocha, he tries to bite us, still we haven’t made good friends yet unfortunately. Genki says “Come here! Come here!” whiningly as usual to me. But, as to Kojiro, Genki gets his forefoot to Kojiro and he becomes angry with Genki, like Grr. And then, Genki comes off as gentle.


At Sekigahara Waterside. 17 Aug. 2013

Kintaro lies on his back and show me his belly. But, he dislikes the camera. Her guardian had Suchang’s coat trimmed about 2cm and she looks so comfortable. We also met Riku and Genki.


Peacefully sleeping of Kojiro. 16 Aug. 2013

The sleeping forms of Kojiro. The wind from air conditioner lets me happy! Well, Kojiro, because you are occupying the bed, I can’t sleep. Zzzzzzzzzz Well-mannered hind legs. Elastic and soft paw pads. Well, wake up, Kojiro!


At Miyazawa Fureai Waterside. 11 Aug. 2013

Angie, she became 3 year old on last Aug. 1st. Her guardians said she was hard of hearing. They found her at a foster home system, they pondered whether they could receive her, and then, they became to live together. You must be happy, Angie! You have the good fortune to meet your guardians, your daddy and mam. Angie and Torajiro. Torajiro seems to be profoundly interesting to Angie! Hey Torajiro! Good Job!