“Take Groupie” V1.1 was released!

iconTGR180Take Groupie - Hiroyuki Suzuki

The following four points were added.
(1) The direction of the left and right of the picture saved at self-taking was turned.
Furthermore, mirror-reversed image of the saved picture can be chosen on the setting screen.

(2) The image stabilization function was added, and more high-resolution pictures of 3.7 mega-pixel can be taken at self-taking by iPhone6s and 6s plus.

(3) When detecting movement of a one-eyed wink, a wink of both eyes and so on, the reading function of those movement was added.
During the reading sound is flowing, please make the volume adjustment by volume +/- buttons of iPhone.

(4) Ooriginally, when taking selfie, the flash made the screen snow-white. This time, brightness of a snow-white screen was maximized so that the effect of the flash may become more effective.

“Take Groupie” V1.0 was released!

iconTGR180Take Groupie - Hiroyuki Suzuki

This is the free application which can do group self-taking easily by one hand by a wink with self-timer.
You can download this app from here.
“Take Groupie” is like this

Though for more details are described here, this app start a tutorial for the first time.
So, download this app first!