Hand Blur Correction Function was added – Fine Camera V1.70

7pE1Not only hand blur correction, but V1.70 update includes the following improvements.
( 1 ) Hand blur correction
( 2 ) Information of photographies
( 3 ) The simple hand blur correction for burst shooting
( 4 ) The shutter sound of the bleat of the cat, the dog, the elephant and so on could also be chosen from the menu screen.
( 5 ) There was no indication during a focus adjustment, so a square indicator was added.
( 6 ) The magnification of the zoom on the picture screen was raised.
( 7 ) The volume of the shutter sound can be adjusted by a volume button of iPhone.
Some defects were corrected.

1000 times of watching was achieved!

An animation on an instruction manual of Fine Camera “way of making a flip-photos” was watched 1000 times in Youtube.
Thanks for watching!

The flip-photos made with this is available in a newest version of LINE.
BTW, English version is here.

“Take Groupie” V1.1 was released!

iconTGR180Take Groupie - Hiroyuki Suzuki

The following four points were added.
(1) The direction of the left and right of the picture saved at self-taking was turned.
Furthermore, mirror-reversed image of the saved picture can be chosen on the setting screen.

(2) The image stabilization function was added, and more high-resolution pictures of 3.7 mega-pixel can be taken at self-taking by iPhone6s and 6s plus.

(3) When detecting movement of a one-eyed wink, a wink of both eyes and so on, the reading function of those movement was added.
During the reading sound is flowing, please make the volume adjustment by volume +/- buttons of iPhone.

(4) Ooriginally, when taking selfie, the flash made the screen snow-white. This time, brightness of a snow-white screen was maximized so that the effect of the flash may become more effective.

“Take Groupie” V1.0 was released!

iconTGR180Take Groupie - Hiroyuki Suzuki

This is the free application which can do group self-taking easily by one hand by a wink with self-timer.
You can download this app from here.
“Take Groupie” is like this

Though for more details are described here, this app start a tutorial for the first time.
So, download this app first!

Fine Camera V1.60 was released!

The following items are updated by V1.60.
1) This version conformed to iPhone SE.
2) The camera preview screen is available at the external display by using HDMI and AppleTV.
The camera preview screen shown to a television in real time is like this.

3) The defect which isn’t indicated right at the time of the aspect ratio and a photography mode change was corrected.
4) It became faster to lock focus/exposure by a tap of a finger and two fingers.
5)Several minor updates were made.
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i-NTER SHOT was released!

This app we developed for MICROSCOPE NETWORK Co., Ltd. ( http://www.microscope-net.com ) and Lens Unit for this app has just been launched!
Vibration becomes a problem by microscope picture taking.
However, this application enables you to take and preserve pictures without touching the iPhone body by passing a hand and puffing breath.
A camera preview picture can be shown to a large display of a television with full screen using AppleTV and HDMI, so it should come in handy in presentation and demonstration.
How about seeing the site for the one using a microscope at medical treatment, school and so on?