At Futatsubashi South Park and Sekigahara Waterside. 29 Sep. 2013

At Futatsubashi South Park
This is Chopper. His guardian told me the name “Chopper” came from a cartoon character of “ONE PEACE”.
DogAlbum1641 DogAlbum1642

At Sekigahara Waterside
This is Kurumi. Kojiro likes her very much.
DogAlbum1643 DogAlbum1644 DogAlbum1645

Kurumi and Hooky. Kurumi seems not to care for a big dog!

This is Hooky. After this. She, Maui and Luke shoved each other playfully. They seemed so happy!
DogAlbum1648 DogAlbum1649

This is Riku. He is very lively as usual, but I took these shots by chance.
DogAlbum1646 DogAlbum1651

This is Maui. We met him after such a long time.

This is Kintaro. He dislike shutter sound like pre-installed Camera app on iPhone.

This is Luke. He lies on his back and becomes huggy.
DogAlbum1653 DogAlbum1654

This is Taiga. Kojiro also likes him very much.。

Atom and Taiga. They like each other.
DogAlbum1656 DogAlbum1657

This is Kanbee. Recently, he doesn’t say Grr when I stroke him and I feel short on fun.
DogAlbum1658 DogAlbum1659

This is Sam. He wasn’t in a strong attitude today somehow.

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