How many days to go?

For example, let’s check how many days to go to Valentine.
Touch [From When?] input field, then date picker appears.
Check if the date is today and if the date is today, push [Done] button.
Then, today’s date appears in [From What] input field.

Next, touch [To When?] input field, then date picker appears again.
Select Valentine, Feburary 14 2013, and push [Done] button.
Then, Feburary 14 2013 appears in [To When?] input field.

Next, push [Execute] button in the middle.
Then, the answer, “The number of days is 14.”, appears.

If you want to share the result, push button in the bottom right corner (there is an arrow inside).
Then, you can share the result with mail, Facebook and Twitter or you can store the result on your calender.

If you select “Facebook”, you can share the result in your timeline of your Facebook page.

If you want to calendarize the result to the date on your calendar, select “calendar” and specify the date.