Which is which?

In what kind of case, is this Wich is Which Calc convenient?
We sometimes find a kind of detergent is sold with different capacity and different price at a supermarket.
For example, a kind of detergent is sold with 50 oz, $8.80 and 170 oz, $34.30.

Does bigger one save your money?
In this case, this Which is Which Calc provide you with the answer promptly.
Before the caliculation, it might be better to change the wallpaper as follows.
First off, push button in the bottom middle ( gear was written in it).
Then wallpaper grid view appears.

Slide the grid view upward by your finger and select “019″ in this case, for example.

If you touch “019″, then the outline becomes blue and it indicates it is selected.
Finaly, push [Done] button and determine the selection.

You can use the same method in other calculators in this app.
Anyyway, then now you are ready to calculate this.

For example, touch [oz, f oz] input field under “First One”.
Then keyboard appears.
Input 50 (oz) as first one’s capacity from the numeric keyboard.
Next, touch [$] input field under “First One” and input 8.8 as first one’s price from the numeric keyboard.

And next, input 170 (oz) to [oz, f oz] input field under “Second one” and ($) 34.3 to [$] input field as well.
Lastly, push [Execute] button in the middle.
Then, the answer “First one (50.0 (oz, f oz), $8.8) is 14.6% discount.” appears.
This means that volume of first one (small one in this case) is 14.6% more than the one of second one (big one in this case).

If you want to share the result, push button in the bottom right corner (there is an arrow inside).
Then, you can share the result with mail and Twitter or you can store the result on your calender.
If you select “Facebook”, you can share the result in your timeline of your Facebook page.

If you select “Tweet”, you can tweet with the result of the calculation.