Credit Simulation

In what kind of case, is this Credit Simulator convenient?

When you buy expensive goods like an evening dress, watch, jewel, car and so on, do you want to know how much you need to pay monthly beforehand?

In that case, you could check your monthly payment with this Credit Simulator.

For example, you buy a car as follows.

Price: $28,500, Down Payment: $5,000 Bonus additional Payment: $1,000, Number of Payments: 60 times

In this case, touch [Price] input field.
Then, numeric keyboard appeas and input 28,500 from the numeric keyboard.

Next, touch [Down Payment] input field and input 5,000 from numeric keyboard as well.

And next, touch [Number of Payments] input field.
Then a picker for number of payment appears.

Select the number of payments you want to apply from the picker and push [Done] button.

It would be better to make sure the Annual Interest (%) beforehand.

If you try to do the ballpark simulation, you could input 10, 15 and so on.
You could also check the difference by input 10, 15 and so on in [Annual Interest (%)] input field.

In this case, input 5.9 as an example.

Next, touch [Bonus additional Payment] input field and input 1,000.

Push [Execute] button in the middle.
Then, the answer “Price: $28,500 ….. Monthly Payment: $296.69 …..” appears.

If you want to share the result, push button in the bottom right corner (there is an arrow inside).
Then, you can share the result with mail, Facebook and Twitter or you can store the result on your calender.

If you select “Facebook”, you can share the result in your timeline of your Facebook page.

If you select “Tweet”, you can tweet with the result of the calculation.