Good bye “It was Now!”.

iconBG120This is a camera application which changes “it was now” into a good opportunity.
This app can perform continuous shooting of a total of nine sheets, i.e. four sheets before pushing a shutter, one sheet right after pushing a shutter and four sheets after pushing a shutter, in order not to miss that moment.
Because flip photo” of animation GIF can be made with burst shots, no photos become useless and it can leave the image at the time of continuous shooting was performed as it is.
A shutter sound can be made silent in order to take the photo of a photographic subject’s natural expression.
Moreover, it is possible to record three sounds which could pull a photographic subject’s mind and you can use not only the recorded sound but also the sounds such as a bark of an elephant, a cat, a dog and so on as a shutter sound and notice sound in order to take a camera-conscious shot of a photographic subject.
It is possible to configure each mode whether a photo includes the position information or not.
When you take a photo at your house, because you can take the photo not including position information and also check the existence of the information of the photo before sharing it by e-mail or SNS, it could prevent it from being used for a stalker crime.
Because this application is optimized for iPhone5, using from the model after iPhone5 is desirable.
Please keep in mind that performance of some functions in iPhone4 and iPhone4s may not be sufficient.
For more information, please visit H.Suzuki Software Lab page on Facebook.
Fine Camera - Hiroyuki Suzuki

The reason why I made Fine Camera.
It’s been more than a year since I started my blog named “Dog Photo Albums”.
Actually, I have a miniature dachshund whose name is Kojiro.

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3 days free download campaign on 15th-18th July was finished.


*If you can’t access a camera roll right after first installation, take any picture!*
Fine Camera V1.32 was released today and it supports Animation GIF format (GIF89a) which is deployed by Twitter from 19th June.
So, 3 days free download campaign on 15th-18th July was finished.
With this release, not only Twitter but also Mail and clouds like Dropbox and Evernote became to enable users to share flip-photos (Animation GIF) with Android devices.
Take burst shots and make flip-photos (Animation GIF) with this app and share them at Twitter!

Due to Apple’s SDK, it’s impossible to upload flip-photos (Animation GIF) correctly from Fine Camera as well as Apple Photos app.
So, when you want to share flip-photos (Animation GIF) on Twitter, please use original Twitter app to upload them.