V1.55 can delete photos

This version conformed to iOS9.0.1 and is iPhone 6s/6s plus-ready.
This version is available for iPhone 5 or later devices from iOS8.0 to i0S9.0.1.
However, if you want to use “Burst shots” functions, please use this app with iOS8.4.1 or former.
You can delete photos at this app’s camera roll scene.
In the case of failuar of the cancellation with “Both eyes wink” for self-timer and, as a result, an embarrassed shot that both eyes were closed inadvertently had been taken, you can delete the shot promptly from the camera roll of this app.

Several minor faults were fixed.

A list of places where a selfy-stick is prohibited.

< Japan >
- All stations of JR West Japan Railway Company
- All the airport and inside the airplane
- Tokyo Disney Land
- Tokyo Disney Sea
- National Museum of Nature and Science
- Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
- Kaiyuukan Aquarium (Osaka)
- 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

< Other Countries >
USA: Smithsonian Institution, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Disney World
England: National Gallery, All tennis court at Wimbledon Championship, All stadiums of Premier League
France: the Palace of Versailles, French National Museum of Modern Art
Disney Land at USA, France and Hong Kong

So, our recommendation is “Fine Camera Selfy Mode + Selfie Lens.
What’s more, the best is “Fine Camera Selfy Mode + Selfie Lens + A holder for a plastic bottle.
What do you think??