Shutter Sound

A cat? Or elephant? Which is better for a shutter sound??

To change the shutter sound, you need to open setting page.
Screenshot_ConfigEScreenshot_SoundSelEAt the setting page of Fine Camera, you can choose a shutter sound from a cat, a dog, a bird, an elephant, a lion, and a sea lion in addition to the sound of an ordinary shutter.

At the time of continuous shooting and in case of a cat, the sound becomes “Meow, Meo, Meo, Meo, Meooow” and in case of elephant, the sound becomes “Toot, too, too, too, toot”.

Screenshot_SoundPreETry preview and decide which sound is good for you.

Screenshot_SoundRecEWhat’s more, you can record three sounds (up to three seconds for each) such as “Good!”, “Kojiro!” and so on for a shutter and a notice sound.

In the case of High quality and one shot mode, it is impossible to use shutter sound other than an ordinary shutter sound and to mute the shutter sound.
If you want to take a photo without the ordinary shutter sound, change the photo quality from High to Mid or Low.

You can set up both shutter sound and notice sound to individual mode, such as normal mode, mode A and so on.