Fine Camera V1.95 was released.

finecamera_icon_128# We must apologize for your inconvenience on Fine Camera #
The followings are modified points in this version.
(1) Fixed a problem that “Burst BA (Burst shots Before a shutter and After the shutter)” can not be executed.
(2) Fixed a problem that the aspect ratio was not correct when creating a flip picture(animated GIF) with portrait photos.
(3) Fixed a problem that it was difficult to set the minimum / maximum with the zoom slider.
(4) In addition, some detailed troubles were corrected and some designs were changed to be easy to use.

Actually an application management screen of iTunes connect showed that some crashes had occurred.
We looked into the cause and found that the timing which preserves a new picture and the timing from which an old picture is eliminated (at the part which functions like a drive recorder) slipped because new effect was added, so it was corrected.

If you have found any defects, please contact us from the form of this page or from a FB page by all means.