Fine Camera V1.33 was released!

iconBG120# Attention #
At V1.33, the fault which cannot use many filters at the time of preservation is discovered, and it is under correction.
Because App Store is shutdown during the weekend, the corrected version is released at the early time of next week.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The memory consumption was improved and suppressed so that insufficient empty memory space may not terminate this application, when “Edit” button was pushed on a photo screen, when “Save” button was pushed after edit, under continuous shootings or under editing work.

3 days free download campaign on 15th-18th July was finished.


*If you can’t access a camera roll right after first installation, take any picture!*
Fine Camera V1.32 was released today and it supports Animation GIF format (GIF89a) which is deployed by Twitter from 19th June.
So, 3 days free download campaign on 15th-18th July was finished.
With this release, not only Twitter but also Mail and clouds like Dropbox and Evernote became to enable users to share flip-photos (Animation GIF) with Android devices.
Take burst shots and make flip-photos (Animation GIF) with this app and share them at Twitter!

Due to Apple’s SDK, it’s impossible to upload flip-photos (Animation GIF) correctly from Fine Camera as well as Apple Photos app.
So, when you want to share flip-photos (Animation GIF) on Twitter, please use original Twitter app to upload them.

Fine Camera V1.31 was released!


Fine Camera V1.30 had some faults when saving a photo after edit.
V1.31 which corrected those faults became available at iTunes App Store.
So, please use it!

Besides faults fix, V1.31 enabled it to choose “Save without location data.” when from an edit page.
I had promised a user to add this function, because her friend had suffered stalker problem by the location information of a photo.
So, I hope this enable users to share photos without fearing for the future.

Fine Camera V1.25 for iPhone was released.

iOS7.0 or later.

This version conformed to iOS7.0 or later.
It changed that it was a camera screen -> camera roll -> photograph screen into the camera screen -> photograph screen so that the share with SNS or Cloud could be made quick.

Take a photo -> make sure the photo -> share. That’s it.
Only three steps to share the photo with any SNSs and Clouds.

If you want to share your photo with Instagram, Facebook and so on, Low photo quality (1280×720 pixels) would be enough and it enables quick upload and less packets.

When Photos application of iPhone was opened from this application directly and photos were deleted, the fault in which the afterimage of deleted photos remain was corrected.